It’s not one-size-fits-all.

3 types of startups:


Regional startups solve—you guessed it—regional (Israel/Palestine) problems. These innovative, for-profit companies have the potential to create substantial job opportunities in the region, while also providing their founders with credentials and recognition. These startups could also go global over time.


Impact Startups

Impact startups are primarily mission-driven. That means that, whether they’re for-profit or nonprofit, they deliver a product or service with a beneficial social or environmental impact. Thanks to their innovative business models, impact startups aspire to become self-sustainable and/or of interest to government and international organizations.


global Startups

Global startups are for-profits with the potential to compete in international markets—which also means they face a higher degree of competition.


Get to Know Some of Our Startups.

Check out a few of the startups we’ve nurtured from the ground up.

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Mon Terra is an ecologically-committed design brand addressing the issue of plastic waste. At Mon Terra, we collect discarded plastic plant pots from local gardeners and nurseries, then clean, shred, and manufacture our products. We are keen on making useful, long-lasting, well-designed products in order to reduce overconsumption of short-lived products. Owning a Mon Terra product means reducing the plastic waste footprint, little by little.

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Momentum is a policy promotion firm that works to ensure Israel’s future as a Democratic state, strengthening core values of equality and social justice. Momentum aims to turn the civic action of Israel’s Democratic-Liberal nonprofits into policy, and to deepen the choice of state and public as crucial arenas of change. Momentum’s model is based on promoting proactive policies while collaborating with nonprofits and pooling resources of knowledge to maximize the efficiency of the policy work.

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Simpoco is a CRM software designed especially for businesses that operate online communities. We create a unified database of contacts for those communities, from all of their communication channels and data sources. This allows businesses to see how active a community member is in each platform, document all of the interactions with their audience, create their own segmented contact lists, workflows, automation, and much more. Simpoco increases their ROI by optimizing the process of turning their community members into paying customers.

Meshkah transforms olive waste into a new source of energy. We transfer olive pomace waste (the pulp of extracted olives) and other agricultural wastes into cheap, effective and alternative fuel, similar to wood briquettes by using a simple, low-cost pressing process. The product is cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, suitable for use in fireplaces, and, most importantly, a unique symbol for a very special place (the Holy Land).

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Yadaiha is a social enterprise that employs, empowers, and financially supports the refugee women of Gaza by selling their unique and modern Palestinian embroideries to the international community. Yadaiha produces beautiful handcrafted Palestinian embroidery, jewelry and accessories for the global market. By supporting Yadaiha, you support the story of courage and art made into wearable pieces.

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TULU’s goal is to reshape the way urban dwellers use and consume household products, by making them available on demand. It was created by designers, architects and planners who understand that the sharing economy is a sustainable and equitable economy. Urban living and compact space doesn’t mean that products and services should be inaccessible because of spatial or income constraints. Through IOT, data analysis and good design, TULU optimizes space and product usage, reduces waste, and delivers quality and fun.

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We are a non-profit that aims to decrease the prevalence of genetic diseases in the Bedouin community in Israel by spearheading premarital genetic testing through a community-based approach. We believe in the importance of a healthy beginning for all children – notwithstanding culture, tradition, geography or socio-economic status. Our initiative provides a rare opportunity that will enable the Israeli health system to save hundreds of millions of shekels each year by reducing costs of medical care, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and allowances.

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Snapland is a prop-tech startup that develops a personalized search engine that provides Real Estate professionals with analyzed data & predictive analytics on untapped Real Estate opportunities. Snapland’s vision is to create a new disruptive standard for real estate due diligence and a home base for real estate (RE) professionals.

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Zaraz makes any website 40% faster with a single line of code, by optimizing how it loads third-party tools (analytics, ads, CRM, chat, etc). This results in 2x conversion rates and better SEO rankings.

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