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Our work is never finished. Every day, we continue working toward building the region’s biggest cross-border community of young professionals. Through our alumni organization, OGS Next, alumni can enjoy a thriving global network, personal and professional development opportunities, grants and investments for “2nd round” entrepreneurship initiatives, and programs that continue to build trust and mutual respect.

Via our exclusive OGS Next website and app, alumni can access:

Our Impact Network Advice, guidance, and networking opportunities from industry leaders

Affinity Groups A platform to support other ventures with knowledge and expertise

Wider OGS and alumni communities A simple, secure way to network and engage

Bridge funding and “2nd round” entrepreneurship Financial investment opportunities to advance an existing venture or bring a new venture idea to life

Personal and professional growth opportunities A place to accelerate your career and expand your skill base—because learning never stops

OGS Next website and app are coming soon.

AFFINITY GROUPS: Putting Our Heads Together

No venture has all the knowledge, resources, and skillsets it needs within its own small team. That’s why we’ve implemented Affinity Groups, a new way to leverage the full breadth of expertise represented across our entire alumni network. Now, each venture can tap into the wealth of career-based knowledge that fellows and alumni bring to the table: coding, marketing, engineering, design, legal, finance, and more. 

All of our fellows, along with a select group of alumni, join an Affinity Group aligned with their background. Incoming fellows benefit from these active connections, receiving valuable advice from peers and alumni who were once in their shoes. For alumni, Affinity Groups are a powerful source of continued engagement with the OGS community, offering a way to give back for years to come.

Building Connections That Last.

Discover all we have to offer and start making life-changing connections. 

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