OGS NEXT is the alumni leadership network for Our Generation Speaks.


OGS NEXT is dedicated to strengthening the trusting relationships and joint work created in the OGS fellowship program, which are based on the values of mutual respect, open and honest conversation, and shared responsibility for the future of the region. The organization strives to maximize the impact created in Boston and bring it to new heights in the region for many years to come.


These efforts are led by OGS Alumni in Israel and Palestine, esteemed Palestinian, American and Israeli leaders, as well as OGS Staff and Advisory Board.


In addition to its commitment to enhancing a sense of belonging and community, OGS NEXT is committed to fostering lasting connections between OGS Alumni and the global OGS Network. With this goal in mind, OGS NEXT has launched the OGS Impact Network. The OGS Impact Network is a group of business executives and community leaders who offer their time to advise, guide and share expertise with alumni by answering questions, making connections, and meeting for discussions.


Are you an expert in your industry interested in providing advice, guidance, or networking opportunities to OGS alumni and ventures?


We would like to invite you to join the OGS Impact Network. When you join the OGS Impact Network, your name and areas of expertise will be visible exclusively to alumni in a password-protected section of the website.


The Impact Network seeks professionals who hold expertise in areas such as:

  • Software development

  • Legal issues

  • Marketing and media

  • Sales

  • Finance

  • Community engagement

  • ...and more!


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